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Here you can easily Archive, Store, and privately share videos and photos of the life and times of your children and grand children...  is the home of your very own personalized PRIVATE website where you can keep Videos and Photos of your child, and or Grand Child. A safe place to securely store and selectively share a Lifetime of your most Cherished Memories! Simply invite your family and loved ones to visit your specially created PRIVATE website where they can view any, all, and current Videos and Photos of your children and or, Grand Children - from anywhere in the world, whenever they want!!

Once created, your private sharing website is available for access, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.*Special Security feature Stops prying eyes - So no one sees your photos and videos that you don't want to!!

Just imagineā€¦  One, Two , Five, Ten, Fifteen years from now, having the ability to not only continue to share current Videos and photos of your most cheerished memories, but image what it will be like to look back years from now, and view Videos and photos of your little-ones most cherished memories! And, what it will mean to the Children and Grand Children in the Videos and photographs, to be able to look back and see themselves at different stages in life - And possibly for them to  share these with their children as well!!

Your private sharing video website will be created for you! Once you become a member of, your private personalized video sharing website will be created for you! simply give the specially created PRIVATE website address to Only those who you want to share your video memories with!

Membership is extremely user-friendly. Its as easy as    ... 

You don't need any special skills, or technical abilities. So if you're not  computer savvy, no worries! One of the best things about membership is that it really is extremely user-friendly.  In fact, if you can  communicate with us over the telephone and manage to send an email,then you can enjoy your membership to the fullest!  In fact it's really very easy ...

  Simply sign up for your membership, and begin right here and right now, preserving , sharing and archiving your loved ones most cherished memories...

  Decide which Videos and photos  that you want to share. You can add photos and or videos every week, every month, or every day. As long as your membership remains in good standing, you can keep adding  to your private sharing website ...

  Give your specially created private sharing  website  address to family, friends and loved ones, only those who you really want to share with. And no matter where they are located, from anywhere in the world, they can view, enjoy, and share in a lifetime of your most cheerished memories! Never again will family and loved ones ever miss out on sharing a cherished memory-moment in the life and times of your children and or Grand children! *Special Security Option does not allow anyone to see your private sharing site without your permission and Special-Key!

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membership is extremely user-friendly!

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